Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is learning through a relationship. As Albert Einstein is credited with saying, "the same thinking that was used to create a problem cannot be used to solve it."   Dr. Wayland challenges people wanting to become leaders, be better leaders, who want to maintain leadership, to confront their older mental models; their routine ways of thinking, of seeing and perceiving, and their linear ways of problem-solving. The coaching challenge becomes moving beyond what is known and searching for what is unknown.

Coaching works by asking questions that focus on what really is real.  Real issues can often be obscured by stress, overload, negative emotions, and conscious or unconscious restricted thinking. Dr. Wayland has the knowledge, skill, and experience to ask the right questions, and get to the bottom of the real issue very quickly. The expansion of the client's awareness, tapping into intuition and effectively coming up with their own, individual, way of moving forward with certainty can generate a wealth of growth-ideas. Coaches can be a dime a dozen, and the industry is not regulated, so make sure that when you are hiring, that you have done your due diligence and checked out credentials and testimonials.

A successful coaching outcome would be leaders who demonstrate a greater professional and personal effectiveness in all their business relationships and endeavors. The question to have leadership is, how do I think outside the box for growth, a better product, and productivity? Coaching uses the freedom of expression offered by counseling, and adds the dynamic element of action, follow up, and accountability.

Coaches can be a dime a dozen, and the industry is not regulated, so make sure that when you are hiring, that you have done your due diligence and checked out credentials and testimonials.

Mentoring is a partnership formed for growth and training. Dr. Wayland shares knowledge, acquired skills, information, and perspective to promote the personal and professional growth of others. The power of mentoring creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for partnership, accomplishment of goals, and new creativity in problem solving.

Dr. Wayland can offer one-on-one or small group mentoring. His approach is to use a relaxed casualness that allows spontaneity and an interchange of ideas. All mentees meet three to four times per year to experience personal growth of others, provide support, and to exchange advice among others.



Dr. Jim Wayland

Dr. Jim Wayland has been in private practice over 30 years.  His focus is with adults and adult issues.  Jim’s approach to psychotherapy has been nationally recognized for offering positive, can-do results to people who have been struggling with significant life-difficulties, trauma, and emotional discouragement.

Jim uses psychodynamic and behavioral psychology methods to provide effective, efficient lasting results.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, a Fellow in the Association of Scientific Hypnotherapy, and is certified in Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).  Jim uses his education and his experience in helping people suffering from personal crisis, emotional and physical trauma, addiction, stress-related illness, and chronic pain.

Dr. Wayland’s research background has been in Neuropsychology and the Psychophysiology of Hypnosis. He is also experienced in college teaching, public speaking, mentoring and coaching.  He is known nationally and internationally for his work with addictions – alcohol, drugs and sexual addictions.  Jim is a member of the Texas Medical Association’s Speakers Bureau.  He is noted for having a unique ability to connect with others using skills of insight, experience, and finding the truths which circumstances have often hidden.