Many people imagine it takes years of therapy to change lives.  Usually, however, it may only take a new and different approach to daily living.  Lasting change is most often possible in a few weeks.  

Changing discouragement through encouragement.

When symptoms or problems threaten to erode your (or your family's) health and well-being, psychotherapy has been demonstrated to provide relief.   And with heightened emotional knowledge comes long-term personal growth. Psychotherapy allows you to better understand yourself and others, leading to greater satisfaction in all aspects of your life, work, love, family and play.  This helps to protect you against the ongoing challenges life might bring.  

People who see me for a consultation may have been suffering for some time and have considered therapy, but have postponed this decision because they felt ashamed that they may need help.  Shame can be a crippling emotion and frequently interferes with the capacity to feel successful in life.   

Putting words to what one might be feeling is a step toward becoming more confident and less inhibited.  Beginning therapy is not a weakness.  It is a courageous, positive step toward changing unfulfilling behaviors into a life with more gratification in work, sex, and play.

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