How Much Does it Cost for Therapy?

My fee for a regular 55-minute first clinical assessment session is $150. Following sessions will range in time between 50-55 minutes, and the fee is $125. Payment is expected and due (in exact cash, personal check or credit/debit card) at the time of service.

Missing Appointments

Missing an appointment without prior cancellation will result in a charge for a full appointment, and will have to be paid at your next appointment. Continuing no- show, non-cancellations will result in a refusal of any future appointments. Referrals to other therapists, however, can be made.

Using Insurance

If you use your insurance, and I am approved as a provider, the dollar amount of your charges for your annual deductible and co-payments are determined by your health insurance company. I am responsible, as are all health care providers under your plan, for collecting a portion of your annual deductible amount until your annual deductible amount is met. After your deductible is met, then your co-payment amount will be collected at each visit. Please ask questions about your fee, either from your health care insurance company, before coming to your first appointment or at the beginning of your initial session or me.

If I am not paneled (do not have a contract with your insurance company) and you choose to use insurance to pay for services, I require you to pay me my fee for services in full. I will provide you with the necessary documents for you to file with your insurance company.

If you choose to use insurance, please consider how your confidentiality may be affected and discuss this with me at our first session. You can read more about this by going to the next section titled

Your insurance company requires that I provide a diagnosis your condition and indicate that you have an illness before they will reimburse you for my services. I will discuss with you the diagnosis I plan to render, if you wish, before you file claims with your insurance company. Any diagnosis made will become a part of a permanent health record that is maintained by, and shared, by health insurance companies.

Your insurance company may handle mental health benefits differently than medical benefits.  I strongly recommend you call your insurance company to ask questions about mental health benefits before you decide to use insurance for psychotherapy.  Recently, insurance companies want me to pre-certify your coverage before I begin seeing you as a patient.  Many insurance plans will only pay for individual psychotherapy, not couple’s or family therapy.  If you are seeing me as a couple or a family I will not tell the insurance company I am doing individual therapy.  If I will be seeing you individually, and you may want to bring your spouse in the future, please let me know of that possibility so that issue is addressed in the precertification process.  As a result, you may be refused reimbursement for treatment.  Most insurance companies require a mental illness diagnosis be made in order to receive payment for therapy.  While I can usually offer a psychotherapeutic opinion that is usually accepted, I am not licensed as a medical practitioner.  This can mean you may be additionally asked to get a diagnosis from a licensed medical physician.


Not being a Medicare provider, I cannot receive coverage for you with your Medicare coverage, nor will I be covered by your secondary provider.

No Insurance

My out-of-pocket fee for people without insurance is $125 per hour.  

Seniors Over 65

If you are retired, on a fixed income, and using Medicare as your primary insurance, your out-of-pocket fee will be $90.




Dr. Jim Wayland

Dr. Jim Wayland has been in private practice over 30 years.  His focus is with adults and adult issues.  Jim’s approach to psychotherapy has been nationally recognized for offering positive, can-do results to people who have been struggling with significant life-difficulties, trauma, and emotional discouragement.

Jim uses psychodynamic and behavioral psychology methods to provide effective, efficient lasting results.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, a Fellow in the Association of Scientific Hypnotherapy, and is certified in Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).  Jim uses his education and his experience in helping people suffering from personal crisis, emotional and physical trauma, addiction, stress-related illness, and chronic pain.

Dr. Wayland’s research background has been in Neuropsychology and the Psychophysiology of Hypnosis. He is also experienced in college teaching, public speaking, mentoring and coaching.  He is known nationally and internationally for his work with addictions – alcohol, drugs and sexual addictions.  Jim is a member of the Texas Medical Association’s Speakers Bureau.  He is noted for having a unique ability to connect with others using skills of insight, experience, and finding the truths which circumstances have often hidden.