What are my Legal Matters Rights and What are Your Fees?

Please be notified:

  • I am not a legal consultant or representative.
  • I do not do custody evaluations or make recommendations regarding custody agreements.
  • I do provide counseling, consultation, and psychotherapy to individuals and couples who are ending marriages or ending relationships.
  • If I am called to testify through a deposition or ordered to court, I only offer objective opinion--opinion that is unbiased without conjecture.
  • Because I am mandated to protect the confidentiality of all my clients and their children, I shall not testify nor provide summary of sessions for the purpose of custody issues.
  • I shall not discuss the content of any session with any legal representative.
  • If, however, I am subpoenaed to or ordered to do so by a seated, presiding judge, the fee to the party demanding such services will be $2400.00 for any part of, and up to, a full eight-hour day for counseling/consulting testimony.
  • A two-day retainer must be paid up front.
  • Lodging and travel expenses will be charged additionally for all activity related to and providing such a service(s) and an additional $500 per day must also be paid up front. 

Dr. Jim Wayland

Dr. Jim Wayland has been in private practice over 30 years.  His focus is with adults and adult issues.  Jim’s approach to psychotherapy has been nationally recognized for offering positive, can-do results to people who have been struggling with significant life-difficulties, trauma, and emotional discouragement.

Jim uses psychodynamic and behavioral psychology methods to provide effective, efficient lasting results.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, a Fellow in the Association of Scientific Hypnotherapy, and is certified in Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).  Jim uses his education and his experience in helping people suffering from personal crisis, emotional and physical trauma, addiction, stress-related illness, and chronic pain.

Dr. Wayland’s research background has been in Neuropsychology and the Psychophysiology of Hypnosis. He is also experienced in college teaching, public speaking, mentoring and coaching.  He is known nationally and internationally for his work with addictions – alcohol, drugs and sexual addictions.  Jim is a member of the Texas Medical Association’s Speakers Bureau.  He is noted for having a unique ability to connect with others using skills of insight, experience, and finding the truths which circumstances have often hidden.