Biofeedback is a recognized medical modality for changing or modifying physical responses and behaviors. Biofeedback is learning an activity where your mind controls the actions or your body - playing golf, riding a bicycle, or playing the piano. As with watching your golf swing on video, you will watch the responses of your body on a computer and learn to make adjustments so your health improves.

If you have ever made a decision for yourself by looking into a mirror, weighing on a bathroom scale, or taking your body temperature with a thermometer, you have practiced biofeedback. Biofeedback therapy uses tools that are designed to give you changing information instantaneously, so that you can watch your body changing in positive ways and see your progress toward better health.

Biofeedback is one part of a comprehensive plan of ongoing monitoring and treatment by your professional health care team. It is not a replacement for physical therapy, medical, dental, or psychological care. Your doctor will be regularly updated so that your progress is monitored because improvements may indicate changes in other treatments, medications, etc. 

Research has shown Biofeedback to be an excellent treatment alternative for stress-related disorders.

•    Muscle Contracture and Vascular Headaches
•    Muscular Pain
•    Muscular Tension: Back & Neck Pain
•    Digestive Problems
•    Cardiovascular System Issues: Hypertension & Tachycardia
•    Joint Pain
•    Stress Management